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with Clear Aligners

Truly unique, the SLX® Clear Aligner system greatly reduces and can even eliminate the need for attachments in most cases.

Introducing a clearly different aligner system that offers a comprehensive aesthetic solution for adults and teens.

The NEW SLX® Clear Aligner system is uniquely clear, provides an excellent fit, and offers numerous workflow and treatment efficiencies.

With over 100,000 patients treated with this innovative aligner technology, doctors and patients can be confident in SLX® Aligner performance for the full range of minor, moderate and comprehensive treatments.

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“I have never felt comfortable smiling “big” because my bite has always been crooked, which shifts my teeth to the right. I’ve always yearned for that “Hollywood” smile, and once considered Veneers, but that wouldn’t fix my issue; just cover it up. I considered aligners, but the ones out there had those ugly buttons or attachments, which was not appealing to me, either. So, I tried our new SLX Clear Aligners, and in only 8 months, my bite is perfectly aligned and my smile is “big”!”
Renee C. - Carlsbad, CA
“I talk a lot for work and they don’t obstruct me speech at all. They’re very comfortable in the mouth and haven’t given my cheeks or gums any irritation. They are also very discreet, oftentimes people directly in front of me don’t know they are in.”
Chris L. - Mill Creek, WA
“I only trust my smile to a professional orthodontist and would not have considered treatment if I had to have anything glued on my teeth. Dr. Fortney provided a treatment that gave me confidence from start to finish.”
Tiffany V. - Houston, TX
“SLX aligners are by far the clearest and best aligners I ever used. My patients prefer SLX more than any other. SLX are like tailored suit, simply perfect.”
Dr. Ana María Cantor -

SAGITTAL FIRST™ with Carriere® Motion 3D™

Designed to establish a Class I platform at the beginning of treatment to improve predictability, reduce the number of aligners and shorten treatment times.

It employs the Carriere® Motion 3D™ Appliance to treat the AP dimension at the beginning of treatment before placing brackets or aligners. By resolving the most difficult part of treatment first, you can achieve a Class I platform in 3 to 6 months, shortening total treatment time by a minimum of 6 months. You know how excited patients and parents become when you mention shorter treatment times!