SLX® Clear Aligners

The NEW SLX® Clear Aligner system is uniquely clear, provides an excellent fit, and offers numerous workflow and treatment efficiencies.

With over 100,000 patients treated with this innovative aligner technology, doctors and patients can be confident in SLX Aligner performance for the full range of minor, moderate and comprehensive treatments. Jumpstart your SLX Aligner cases with the Carriere® Motion 3D Clear™ Appliance to provide the most efficient and aesthetic treatment solution available!

Clear Benefits

  • Advanced manufacturing process with proprietary ClearWear™ material provides ultimate aesthetics and fit
  • Precision-fit aligners provide exceptional tooth-specific control for improved comfort and a reduced need for unsightly attachments
  • Smooth trays are trimmed at the gingival margin for maximum patient comfort
  • Open source platform accepts STL digital impressions from all leading intraoral scanners

Manage Your Cases in the DDX Portal

Purposeful Simplicity

Intuitive cloud-based portal streamlines case submissions, reviews and tracking:

  • Experienced dentally trained technicians facilitate fast and accurate case setups.
  • Online portal allows you to share treatment setups with your patients and manage your cases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from, both Mac and PC.
  • No software to maintain or update.


Product Overview Video


The SAGITTAL FIRST™ Philosophy is a ground-breaking approach that standardizes, simplifies, and shortens Class II and Class III treatment.

It employs the Carriere® Motion 3D™ Appliance to treat the AP dimension at the beginning of treatment before placing brackets or aligners. By resolving the most difficult part of treatment first, you can achieve a Class I platform in 3 to 6 months, shortening total treatment time by a minimum of 6 months.  You know how excited patients and parents become when you mention shorter treatment times!

The Ultimate Success Formula

  • Utilizes same treatment protocol no matter the malocclusion type
  • Simplifies treatment and planning
  • Eliminates competing forces associated with AP correction while wearing fixed appliances
  • Fosters greater patient compliance at the start of treatment, when patient motivation is highest
  • Establishes a Class I platform in 3 to 6 months, faster than any other appliance currently on the market

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