SLX Studio Update: Version 3.6

The SLX® Studio Pro Treatment Viewer’s latest release version 3.6 will feature updates, enhancements and bug fixes that will keep improving on the SLX® Clear Aligner customer experience. Henry Schein® Orthodontics™ strives to provide regular updates to this platform that strikes a great balance between feature deliverables and ease that will support the growing needs for our customers and the market.

The following improvements are now available (before and after screenshots below):


Version Notification
Details of the update will be available and support can be requested




Gingiva Choice
Nice customer-facing view or optional removal




New Translation & Rotation Tool
Save time by using a consolidated tool




Live Contacts Heat Map
Clearly understand how moving a tooth will impact other teeth




Translucent View
Collisions can be seen from all angles for quick decision making




Remove Before & After Icons
Intuitive placement to view the treatment staging




Icon Organization
Easy location of viewing and functionality tools




Modify Note Clarity
The icon now says Notes, instead of Modify for a clear indication of the function




Studio Pro Opens in Full Screen
Sizing is fully optimized for easy review




Accept Pop-up
A final opportunity to approve the treatment setup for manufacturing




Modification Reminder Pop-up
This pop-up will remind the user that this is needed



This SLX Studio update is just the beginning of exciting enhancements to come.